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As I kid growing up in the Panhandle of Texas, I would always look forward to family trips to visit my grandparents in East Texas. It was at my grandparents house in Belott that my family would visit and spend hours in the local cemetery just up the road. I feel like I grew up in New Energy Cemetery, and enjoyed listening to my elders tell stories and tales of the relatives down beneath my feet, represented by stones in the ground. 

It was that reverence that overcame me and still overcomes me whenever I am in a cemetery, that drives my passion to help restore and preserve Texas cemeteries. What started off as a small community service project, grew into the beautiful and diverse business I am proud to run today.

At Sunflower Cemetery Services, LLC, we have a passion for the preservation and restoration of cemeteries across Texas and the world. We offer a wide range of diverse services, tailored specially for families and cemeteries.

Kirstin Dodd

Proud Owner and Operator

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